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I've done so many workshops with so many people attending that each time there are many smiles.  Here are some quotes from those who have attended my kite workshops in the past.  Won't you join them?  Schedule a kite workshop today.

"Hi Debbie, Could you pass along to the organizer of this workshop that Saiya had a wonderful time?

She told me that the workshop was incredible and excitedly shared all the things she had learned during the lesson on the way home. The facilitator had a wonderful, calm presence and was very good with the kids.

Thanks so much. Rheinila

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we’d love to have you back sometime in the future!"

"My family (myself, my wife and three kids) loved your workshop today at the library in Southampton. We appreciate you being so generous with your time, and your knowledge. I hope to be as passionate as you are one day in a subject area. I don't write feedback very often, but for you I had to. We all liked your style, your content, and your genuine enthusiasm."

- Steven C.

"These photos are great! The kiddos really enjoyed themselves! Thank you."

- Donata Martin; Spanish American Center, Leominster, MA

"Thanks Glenn! It really was such a fun class! The weather is perfect this afternoon and all I want to do is go out and fly my kite!"

- April Wanner; Children and Teen Librarian, TOHP Burnham Library

“Glenn Davison conducted a kite making workshop at the NH Telephone Museum that quickly sold out. The students had a terrific time designing and constructing their own kites. The workshop is suitable for all ages and one young fellow exclaimed, “this is the best day ever!” What a great afternoon – there's no doubt that everyone had a great time.”

- Graham, Museum Director, New Hampshire

"Thank you so much for bringing your kite workshop to our library yesterday.  The kids had such a fun time.  It was great working with you."

- Cathy, Children's Librarian, Massachusetts

"On behalf of all our students, parents, and staff – I like to thank you for coming by yesterday and make our Kite event a smashing success. Kids really enjoyed listening to you and learning about kite flying."

- Vineet, Massachusetts

"I also wish to express our thanks for coming over to our school and explaining about the kites. As you might have noticed, although it was early Sunday morning, lots of kids and families showed up and really enjoyed the kite making. Thank you.

- Seshi, Massachusetts

"Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us last night. It was wonderful. I received MANY expressions of "unexpected joy"!"

- Lorri A. Kimball, LICSW; Oncology Care Social Worker

"This is one of the best days I've ever had," and, "I seriously underestimated this kite."

- Students at a Community Center

"Thank you for the awesome kite fun today. The kids had lot of fun. Thank you for making it also very informative."

- Neeharika, Massachusetts

"I wanted to reach out to thank you again for coming to Absegami today. I’ve heard from numerous teachers that the kids were talking about it all day. It was an awesome event and we hope to welcome you back next year."

- Ron, New Jersey High School

"I'm a member of the PTO and at our last meeting, all the parents who had 6th graders remarked how much their kids enjoyed your program."

- Hana, Massachusetts

"Thank you so much for working with my students."

- Erin, Boston Public Schools ELL Program

"People love your workshops. They love them. It is one of the top things people ask about when coming to the festival."

- Kelly, Florida

"Every one of these kids had a huge smile! How often does that happen with a bunch of middle schoolers? Glenn - you are a magician!"

- Peg LeGendre

"The students loved the show and the workshop! They all agree that they enjoyed the mini kites the most. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you next year!"

- Jennifer, Plymouth, MA

"Glenn has done two Cub Scout workshops for me and is great! His kite talks are interesting to boys, siblings and parents."

- L. Woodward, Scout Leader, NH

"Glenn Davison had quick supplies that he handed out with dessert, so that everyone at the retreat made a mini Valentines kite. They're fun and they fly great."

- Alice Hayden, MKS Kitemaking Retreat, Maryland

"We LOVED the kite-flying event that was offered as part of our "Balance in Motion" night. It was a big hit and not only did our younger visitors enjoy making and flying kites -- it appeared as though a number of our older visitors were transported to their youth as they enthusiastically engaged with your kite-making/flying program.  The displays did look quite professional and I know that guests enjoyed seeing your wide range of kites.  Thank you for sharing your expertise with our audience members!"

- Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA

"We can not thank you enough Glenn Davison!  You rocked it buddy. Thank you :)"

- Jay, Kiting TampaBay, Florida

"The students spoke of all the different designs of kites.  They were amazed at the little kites and how well they worked.  I would recommend it to others.  It is a great applied way of looking at kites, or while studying flight.  Students like kites!

- Tiffany Testa; Teacher, Parker Middle School, MA

"Thank you Glenn Davison for creating this cute workshop!!! This was the first kite I ever made!!!"

- Elizabeth Phillips, Florida

"Our High School students have been raving about you all over the building!  Their favorite part of the presentation was the kite you flew indoors with no wind.  I also had five students stay after school to build kites because of the presentation.  They loved those tiny kites!  Thanks again, so much, for visiting us with such enthusiasm and knowledge about kiting."

- Kelly, Vermont​

"I was fascinated by your presentation at the Cub Scouts and so was my son - it was the first time he ever said he "loved" going to the meeting.  The kites we made have been flown by both the adults and kids in the neighborhood."

- James Smalley, Merrimack, NH​

"Your classes were very well received and got great reviews."

- Barbara Meyer, Midwest Area Kite Retreat, Chicago

"Thank you again for leading the paper kite workshop.  People were so very creative, wow!"

- P. Heeschen, Noreaster Kite Club, Maine

"That was the best kite making workshop ever."

-Young Birder of New Hampshire

"We were so pleased with the turnout and with your program, thank you very much!"

-Deb, Librarian, MA

"I'm frequently flying the finished kite you sent for others to see. We're delighted with its performance!"

- Jay, Virginia

"Your kites were definitely a hit."

- Kate-Lynn, Librarian, MA

"Such a great visit this week, thank you!!"

- Becky White, Elementary School, MA

"I thought your workshop was great! One of the workshop attendees was so inspired that he and his family built their own mini box kite when they got home."

- McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center

"Last night's event was fun for all! Even the adults had a blast."

- Joe Mulledy, NH

We loved the Kite event yesterday - both talk and workshop.  The best was to see 80+year olds and 6 year olds all making and flying kites together!  The gallery looked wonderful with all  your kites hanging.  What wonderful art and what a great day!

- Patricia, Gallery in NH

"Thank you for a wonderful quad-line kite clinic at Hampton!  Now all I need is some wind to get practicing!
Once again, thank you!"

- Julie, Hampton, NH

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