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Kite Workshop Handbook


This handbook gives you the opportunity to spread the joy of building and flying kites with a quick result even if someone has never built a kite before. Your biggest reward will be the smiles on the faces of your students when they see their kite in the sky. You'll have all the resources you need to begin.


This book describes how to speed preparation, how much to charge, how to advertise, and where to find the best materials and kits. 


Seven different kite plans are included with detailed instructions about how to build each kite. 


The book is available in two versions, as an eBook and a paperback.

Miniature Kites


This book is a guide to building 26 miniature kites with everything you need to know to build your own kites at home. Your kites will actually fly while you walk!  Tips and techniques for building many different designs and styles of miniature kites. 


This book has 26 plans for miniature kites. It is available from as a paperback.

Building Free and Recycled Kites


You can have fun building a kite from materials you find around your home. This book describes many ways to build kites for free using recycled, organic, or found materials so the kite costs little or nothing to build and fly! "...a wonderful invitation to build a kite limited only by imagination and materials on hand." "...a source of inspiration for any aspiring kite builder.”


This book includes 12 plans for kites that you can build at home and is available from in color, black and white, or as an eBook.

Indoor Kite Flying


The book called, “Indoor Kite Flying: A guide to the sport of flying ultra-lightweight kites indoors” is available from  It will encourage others to begin flying indoors for fun, sport, and performances.


Please take a look and share the link with other people who are interested in kites.  The book is available in two versions, as an eBook and as a paperback.



Kite Physics

This book gives a visual explanation of the physics of kites in flight and with many pictures and related exercises for you to try. With 125 pictures, illustrations, and 65 exercises it answers the questions: Are tails required on a kite? How can I improve the flight of my kite? What are the forces that act on my kite? What changes can I try? Do kites glide? What are some applications of kites that I can explore?


Quotes: "You have done a wonderful job. I think a lot of people will find this very useful for teaching and for getting their kites to fly! I wish I had had this book when I was a kid.”

- John Bognar, PhD.

"It's fun. An excellent resource and learning tool for students and educators. An enjoyable stepping-stone into the physics of flight. I highly recommend this book."

- Christine Traboulssi, Kite builder

"It is fantastic! This is a comprehensive and readable discussion covering many unknowns of kite flying... the author brings a wealth of experience and practices to fliers of all ages."

- Geoff Bland, NASA


Please take a look and share the link with other people who are interested in kites. This book is available as an eBook and as a paperback in English, French, and Spanish.



Kite Design: Dream it, Build it, Fly it


Mass-produced kites from a store will never match the creative expression, satisfaction, and fun of flying that you will receive from a kite you design and build yourself. You'll discover a special joy from seeing your design flying high in the sky. It's easier than you think -- this book provides step-by-step guidance on how to create your own kites, whether simple or complex, and send your imagination soaring.

This book is available as an eBook and as a paperback.

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