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Building and flying your own kite is fun and rewarding.  In less than an hour your group can build kites that fly better than many kites you would buy in a store and you gain the satisfaction of doing it yourself. It's a great activity for all ages from 8 to 108.

I'd like to do a workshop at your location as I’ve gone in Taipei Taiwan, Gujarat India, and Bogota Colombia!

Which kite should we build? There are many choices.  


Paper kites can be inexpensive and small kites can be built faster than larger kites. Decorating the kites takes a few more minutes ...but it is a big part of the experience and it gives the kite builder an opportunity to really personalize the kite.

1. Decorate your kite
Kite Building
2. Build your kite
Kite workshops
3. Fly your kite
Kite making
About Me

I'm a kite workshop leader.


I’m also a kite designer and kite builder and it's a hobby that I'm passionate about. If you ever want me to come to your school to talk about kite building and kite flying, let me know. I’ve written the books called, "Kite Workshop Handbook," and “Kites in the Classroom.” I’ve visited more than 100 schools, camps, clubs, and festivals. Let's arrange a workshop at your location.

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