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Building and flying your own kite is fun and rewarding because the students gain the satisfaction of doing it themselves. 



It's a great activity for all ages from 8 to 108. Groups of 12 or more are preferred. That includes kids, teens, and adults.


In less than an hour your group can build kites that fly better than many kites you would buy in a store. Each student will build their own kites. Parents too!


I bring all of the materials including string. Everything is pre-cut so the workshop does not involve cutting or sharp tools.


I provide step-by-step instruction for the entire group. I've taught more than 100 kite workshops so everyone can be successful in building and flying their new kite. Please see my testimonials page for rave reviews!


At your location we will need a room indoors with enough tables to hold four students per table. I will travel to your location and if you think it might be too far, I’ve gone in Taipei Taiwan, Gujarat India, and Bogota Colombia!


When? That's up to you. Please contact me to schedule a date in advance.


It's not expensive. My fee includes the materials, travel, and instruction. That results in a base fee plus a charge of $5 per kite.

About Me

I’m a kite designer, builder, and workshop leaner. It's a hobby that I'm passionate about. If you ever want me to come to your school to talk about kite building and kite flying, let me know.


I’ve written many kite books including, "Kite Workshop Handbook," and “Kites in the Classroom.”


I’ve visited more than 100 schools, camps, clubs, and festivals. Let's arrange a workshop at your location.

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