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Topics for talks

Educational or fun?  Let's choose both! We can combine topics or go into depth on a single topic. Everyone enjoys kites and when we use kites for an interdisciplinary approach it's even better.  Flying is a sport. Kite making is a craft. Today, kites are found in just about every culture worldwide. Let's choose a topic for your visit. Perhaps a workshop too?

I wish to take you on a journey so you may see kites with my eyes. From tiny, delicate creatures to immense beasts that dominate the sky. Form and function wrapped up in the physics of flight. Let's do more than talk, let's see it happen with a variety of demonstrations that show how the properties of kites use lift and drag to overcome the force of gravity and fly.



The physics of flight. Let's do more than talk, let's see it happen!  This explains how kites fly. Many demonstrations are included to show how the properties of lift and drag to overcome the grave law of gravity.  It's a great STEM topic too.  6th Grade and up, HS, College, Adults.


This slideshow has beautiful examples of magnificent art kites in a variety of kite styles. Many of the leading kite artists worldwide are featured. Large examples of physical kites will also be displayed. This talk is perfect for museums, art associations, art classes, and clubs.  All ages.



This topic is best for the classroom because it shows applied math that makes the topic soar! Geometry, Algebra, and Trigonometry are best for this presentation. Grades 6-11.



The aerodynamics of flight is great topic that is broken down for everyone to understand. See things fly. Examples and demonstrations bring this topic to life with dramatic clarity. This is great for STEM events, pilots associations, and professionals. 6th Grade and up, HS, College, Adults.



Kites are a perfect example of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Engaging topics include: lift, drag, dihedral angle, angle of attack, respecting symmetry, and including elements that add stability. 6th Grade and up.


"I just wanted to thank you again for taking part in our STEM Night.  The kids loved the kites and I was so surprised by the ways that you can make a working kite. We really appreciate your participation!"

- Lyndsi Mason, Boston Renaissance

"From the bottom of my heart I want to sincerely thank you for attending the Parlin School STEM Night. Last night we had over 400 participants in attendance. It is because of your commitment to education and STEM that our students were able to experience a night of scientific discovery and exploration. All of our students were extremely excited to explore various science disciplines and learn more about the science, technology, engineering and mathematics world." 

- Katelyn Crossley, Everett

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