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Testimonials and Results

I've done so many kite shows that I can guarantee there will be many smiles.  Here are some quotes from those who have attended my kite shows in the past.  Won't you join them?  Schedule a kite show today.

"Hi Glenn, You were a huge hit! I love these pictures! Hope you come back!"

Heather at the Orchard

"160 kids from Kindergarten through 4th grade! And Glenn held their interest and attention the entire time!"

Theresa Norelius - The Kite Shoppe

He was amazing!.. His display of miniature kites, that he has made, and then flew for us, was incredible. The crowd was silent and couldn't wait to see the next one fly..The little Cody was a high flyer, weighing less than half a dollar bill and he gave an accurate history of the original Cody! More Today!

Mari Daniels, Long Beach, Washington

"My daughter let me know that she and her friends really enjoyed your Kite Math Enrichment presentation yesterday."

Kristin, Parent

"Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us during our Kites Against Cancer month."

Mike Wilson; Advancement Officer, Exeter Hospital

"I just wanted to thank you again for taking part in our STEM Night.  The kids loved the kites and I was so surprised by the ways that you can make a working kite. We really appreciate your participation!"

Lyndsi Mason, Boston Renaissance

"I think your presentation was both interesting and entertaining. Most people have no idea how much technology and artistry go into building and flying kites. You did a good job of sparking a nostalgia that we all have for the fun things we did when we were kids and the world was full of wonder. I would certainly recommend your presentation to others."

Dan Eyring, The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

"Thanks very much for giving a great presentation. You covered a lot of information in a short time."

Norman Jones, New England Model Engineering Society

"We loved the Kite event - both talk and workshop. The gallery looked wonderful with your kites hanging.  What wonderful art and what a great day!"

Patricia, NH Art Gallery Owner

"Everyone is still talking about you. You were a huge hit. My own daughter has taken up kite making!"

Tricia from the Read-In Program

"The lesson on kites you provided for my class was fantastic! If I didn't know better, I would've said you were teaching for 25 years! My students loved it! They kept saying "Wow!" And "Cool!" A lot! The art teacher saw the students flying their kites in the hall and said "they were a beautiful piece of art work!" I purchased 3 of your books on Amazon and I look forward to using them not only with my class but with my children! I will be sure to put in for funding from my PTA for you to come back next year!"

Christopher Hasson; Science Department Chairperson, Yonkers Public School System, NY

"I heard back from several attendees how much they enjoyed your workshop.  You are engaging speaker and your kites are amazing!  I particularly liked the small model attached to the rotary motor - it was interesting to see that with increased airflow the kite destabilized."

Brian, Framingham State University, MA

"Thank you very much for everything you did for the kids! They loved your presentation and really appreciated your help with the kites."

Jen Martin, MA

"My kids visited the Physics of Flight demo sponsored by LowellMakes and had a blast!"

"The residents were thrilled with the show.  They thought it was fascinating and they are still talking about it and so is my staff.  We were all pleased with your presentation."

Diane Parks, ADC, Retirement

"The students had a great time – as was apparent by the numerous “Oooh’s” and “Aaah’s” that were heard throughout the presentation. Later on, when I met some of the 65 students in the workshop and they all indicated that it was very memorable."

Vineet, Lexington, MA

"A very big thank you on all our collective behalf for coming in today and having a fun event for all our kids! The one hour spent in the gym was filled with great excitement and as I watched the kids – they definitely had lots of fun. On behalf of our Principal, VicePrincipal, Students and Staff – a HUGE Thank you!

"Thank you for the fabulous presentation on kites.  I couldn't believe how perfect it fit into our math curriculum at the right time!  The students all loved it and were talking about it for days."

Middle School Teacher, MA

"The kite show was a wonderful hit! The kids were really fascinated by the unique kites you showed them, and they definitely enjoyed flying their own mini-kites. Thank you so much for offering this."

Emily Levine; Park Ranger

"You had them in the palm of your hand!"

Linda N; High School Teacher, Chicago, IL



"Thank you again, your presentation definitely touched on things we've learned.”

Susan S; University Physics Teacher, Massachusetts



"The students on Team 6 thought that you were amazing!"

Lynn Horton, MA



"You were amazing. The children loved the kite show, especially the younger ones. They were in awe. The event was a HUGE success and the children were thrilled. They would really like to have you back some time. I marveled at how many people were filing through the building. I could tell the community enjoyed your event."

Moise Michel; Director of Out of School Time Programs, Cambridge Community Center, Inc.



"Everyone had a wonderful time!!!"

Teresa Izzo; Program Coordinator, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History



"The kids loved it. It was a great change of pace from our usual, and yet it fit very well with our overarching goal of getting kids to observe closely. The range of kite designs that you showed us blew us away, and it was especially wonderful to see the eagle flown above us at the end of the morning."

Henry; Harris Center, NH



"Fascinating kite math presentation. The kids and teachers thought it was great!"

Joanne; Teacher, MA

"Thank you so much for the excellent kite show and workshop you presented.  It was a huge success!  Twenty-four seniors enjoyed learning about kites, hearing your stories, and making their own kite and flying it.   Your enthusiasm for kite flying is certainly infectious!  We hope to bring you back to do another program in the near future."

Tina, Activity Coordinator, Council on Aging

"I enjoyed your presentation and so did our campers! I think your kites are awesome and so intricate." and "The kids really enjoyed it!"

Cindy Landry, YWCA Camp Director

"Thanks again for coming in to share your knowledge and experience with kites!"

Rob Hellstrom; Professor at Bridgewater State University

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