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Kites in the Classroom

Where Fun and Education Meet

​Kites have a history that spans thousands of years of learning, adventure, and experimentation in aviation.


Today, kites can be used in the classroom to teach a wide variety of subjects. Kites can be used as an exciting vehicle to carry physics, mathematics, materials science, arts, crafts, and weather skyward! This web site is for teachers and kite flyers who visit classrooms and wish to use kites as a vehicle for instruction.

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Select one:

Classroom Demonstration

Host an educational kite visit to your classroom. There are multiple topics to choose from including physics, art, and math.​ A single class period is enough time and it's a great place to start.

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Kite Workshop

Flying a kite that you've built is fun and rewarding. In less than an hour your group can build kites that fly better than many kites you would buy in a store and you gain the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Auditorium Kite Show

Want to grab the attention of an entire grade? Host a kite show in your auditorium for up to 300 students!

Miniature Kites in your Classroom

Miniature kites can be built and flown right inside your class. You'll see demonstrations of small kites, tiny kites, colorful kites, simple kites, kites from Japan, kites from China, kite plans, kite kits, building tips, galleries, and contests. In a classroom, students can build them quickly and successfully.

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What have people said? After visiting over 100 schools they've said plenty! Take a look.

Books about Kites

These handbooks about building and flying kites are available for you to buy on amazon. Seven handbooks are available and you can invite the author to visit your classroom. These handbooks include building and flying kites with experiments for your students to try.

Past Activities

I've done many classroom events. But not just schools. Museums, Libraries, Clubs, Churches, Camps, Hospitals, Retirement Communities, and Scouts too.

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Teaching Resources

Want to do it alone? These resources provide lesson plans, books, magazines, guides, and many other resources.

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Kites in the Classroom

Where Fun and Education Meet

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