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Kite  Biography


Glenn Davison is internationally known as a kite workshop leader, kite builder, kite designer, author, speaker, and kite flyer.



  • Wrote 12 books about kites

  • Art exhibit at Circ-du-Soliel Headquarters

  • Member of NASA-run Tethered Aerosystems Working group

  • Workshop leader with over 100 workshops

  • Kite Festival Performer with over 100 festivals and events

  • Past Chairman AKA Kite Education Committee

  • Past AKA Director at Large

  • Past President Kites Over New England; "Kite Club of the Year 2018"

  • Past Vice-President of Kites Over New England Kite Club

  • AKA Convention Workshop Chairman - ran 50 workshops in two years

  • Educator with over 100 school visits

  • Member of WSIKF World Record 101-person Quad-Line Kite Team

  • Presenter of talk called, "Art that Flies"


Workshops: Glenn brings his knowledge of aerodynamics and materials to deliver hundreds of workshops in many countries around the world. Recent workshops included Teachers workshop where they learned how to build a paper kite with their students. and two kite workshops at an apple orchard with hands-on flying for the crowd. Kite comparisons at the Boston Children’s Museum.


Kite Making: Created more than 50 miniature kite designs, which have won first place for smallest, best in flight, and judge’s special award, as well as a $50 prize and a $500 prize. Designs and builds large kites.

Kite Art Exhibits: 

  • Kite exhibit at Circ-du-Soliel in Montreal from June to August 2024

  • Featured Artist at the Arlington Center for the Arts, MA in June/July 2023

  • Kite exhibit at Arlington Center for the Arts Open Studios 2023

  • Labor of Life: Textiles & Fibers at the Arlington Center for the Arts 2023

  • "Kites in Balance" at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA

  • "Flying High" at the Lakes Region Art Association Gallery, Tilton, NH

  • "Earth, Wind, and Sky" exhibit in Cooperstown, NY

  • "Kites in Flight" for two months at the Nashua Library, Nashua, NH

  • "Kite Fabric" at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA

  • "Kite Demonstrations" at the Museum of Science in Boston, MA

  • Displayed kite artwork exhibits at many kite festivals in the USA and Canada


  • Designed and built a Wan-Wan kite for a commercial by Hunter Douglas called, "Live Beautifully"

  • Designed and built an 8' Rokkaku kite and 20' tail for the Washington DC Metro System

  • Designed and built an advertising windsock for 

  • Repaired two 15-foot spikey balls that bounce in the wind

  • Built a kite to duplicate a child's drawing


Featured Flyer: at the Antigua Kite Festival, Bogota Colombia Festival de Verano, Bug Light Kite Festival in Maine, Dieppe International Kite Festival, Verdun International Kite Festival in Canada, Leba International Kite Festival in Poland, Wildwood International Kite Festival in NJ, Wright Brothers Kite Festival in NC, Sculpture Fields in TN, St. Honore Kite Festival in Canada, St. Placide Winter Festival in Canada, Tohu in Montreal, Kites on Ice Winter Festival in Wisconsin, Atlantic Coast Kite Festival in VA, LBI Festival in NJ, Taipei International Kite Festival in Taiwan, the International Kite Festival in Gujarat India, and the Windless Kite Festival in Long Beach Washington sponsored by the World Kite Museum.


In the News: Featured on HGTV, the Boston Globe, Kiting Magazine and many other publications.

Video "Improving the Flight of Reluctant Kites."

Blog from "Kites and Strings"

Video clip on tiktok

Video at Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head NC

News Clip from Canada

VIP Caller on Maine Public Radio

Featured in Kite Newsletter Fortuna Found Nov 13, 2023

Revere Beach Festival 2024

Kite Art Exhibit at Circ-du-Soliel Headquarters in Montreal

Volunteer: Jimmy Fund, Autism Alliance, Lynn Arts, American Kitefliers Association, Special Olympics, Cambridge Science Festival, Kites Against Cancer, Miracles and Magic, Bridgewater State University.

Competitor: Rokkaku Kite Battle Champion having taken first place in the AKA Nationals, Wildwood International Kite Festival, New England, Black Ships, Soundwinds, St. Honore Festival in Canada, and the Smithsonian kite festival.


Author of these books:

Dual Line.JPG
atlantic coast kite festival mvp

I've sewn these kites using nylon fabric

I've designed and built from tissue paper

Above the Clouds

I've built from nylon fabric





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