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Kite Physics Book
Learn how kites fly. This book visually explains the physics of kite flight with photos, illustrations, and 65 experiments.
Building Free and Recycled Kites
Build kites for free using the materials in your recycle bin. Step-by-step instructions are included for 12 kites made of paper or plastic.
cover result1.jpg
Build, fly, and compete in battles with this traditional six-sided Japanese Rokkaku kite.
Kite Workshop Handbook Book
Learn how to run kite workshops yourself. This handbook includes 7 simple kite plans with step-by-step instructions.
Indoor Kite Flying Book
Learn about the sport of flying kites indoors at walking speed. Hints and tricks are included as well as instructions for preparing a performance.
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A guide to designing and building your own creative kites that really fly.
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Build these miniature kites and fly them while you walk! 26 plans include step-by-step instructions, the time to build, and difficulty.
Flying Kites at Night with Lights
Create a light show at night with inexpensive and bright LED lights.
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How to make quick and easy kite repairs and where to find the right parts.


Kites in the Classroom is awesome! - very comprehensive.

Geoff Bland,


"This book is applicable to any type of miniature kite."

Charlie Sotich


I really love your book  "Kite Physics." It is very nicely done and I believe it has great information. 

Catherine Gabrel
Kites in the Sky

This is quite a masterpiece! (Recycled Kites) is positive and encouraging as well as beautiful - I love your selection of photos and images!


Your book is fabulous, I love it. I learned a lot from the book and found it very thought provoking because every time I had a question it was answered. It was fun and it made me want to learn more. It's so excellent, well done, and well structured.

C. Traboulssi, MA

I saw your Rokkaku book on Amazon.  You've really done so much to advance and enhance the beauty of our kite science and happy pastime.

Robby Sebala

Super Job Glenn!

David Gomberg,
Past AKA President

"The book is great!  The information is very good, as well as the content. I'm going to raid my wife's stash of wrapping paper for some supplies."

Charlie Bojarski


I love all your books.

Chris Barker

I enjoyed the book greatly. I read it cover to cover in one go.  I've not done any of the exercises but I thought the concepts were very well explained.

Jim Toms

Your books are perfection.


Kite Physics is fantastic! This is a comprehensive and readable discussion covering many unknowns of kite flying... the author brings a wealth of experience and practices to fliers of all ages.

Geoff Bland, NASA

Wow!   What a great piece of work!

Richard Dermer,
Past AKA President

I bought the Kite Workshop Handbook and Miniature Kites books and they're both great.  They provide designs and guidelines invaluable to designing educational lessons about kites.

Mathew Lippincott,

Public Lab

This is awesome! Thanks so much for this resource!

Lauren Monroe

Think Tank Founder

Excellent talk and presentation.  Great new book "Kite Physics".  Highly recommended to all educators and kiters.

Park Fleming

Clear, succinct, and direct, Kite Physics covers a huge range with all of the core information and content.

Mark Reed, President Prism Kites

Your book on Kite Physics arrived today. I spent two hours lost in the magic of your explanations. Well done, Glenn. Your books are awesome.

Bob White, Ontario



Glenn Davison is an author who designs, builds, and flies kites.  


His roles have included: kite club President, Director of the American Kitefliers Association, Chairman of the Kite Education Committee.


He has led more than 100 kite workshops in the USA and abroad.



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