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Indoor Kite Flying

About Indoor    Kite Flying

Modern kites are lightweight and extremely efficient to the point where large kites can be flown indoors at walking speed. Coupled with music and precise flying techniques, this becomes a fascinating show of accuracy and tricks that takes performance art to new heights. Glenn has flown indoor performances in local schools and as far away as Taipei, Taiwan.


Indoor kite-flying performances include:​

  • Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC

  • Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA

  • Kites on Ice in Madison, WI

  • Taiwan schools and Taiwan City Hall in Taipei, Taiwan

  • Providence Civic Center on First Night in Providence, RI

  • The Democratic National Convention, MA

  • Windless Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA

Glenn Davison is a kite designer, builder, lecturer, workshop leader, and author. He is the past-president of Kites Over New England - the regional kite club in New England and the AKA kite club of the year in 2018.



Veterans Day 2008: "It was, as you may imagine, a smash hit.  Most of those with whom I spoke had never known this was possible.  And, yes, several asked where you hid the fans!"

-David Cohen


Indoor Kite Flying

A guide to the sport of flying ultra-lightweight kites indoors

This book about indoor kite flying is available from

It will encourage others to begin flying kite indoors for fun and sport. 



"Check out Glenn Davison's new book available on Amazon! - This book explains the kites and techniques for launching, flying, and performing with kites indoors with zero wind. Many people have found indoor kite flying can be a performance art, a great alternative to flying kite outdoors during bad weather, and an opportunity to fly kites in the winter. Often accompanied by music, indoor kite flying has become a standard feature of many kite festivals. No matter what the weather is like outdoors, you can guarantee that the weather indoors will be perfect.  Very cool!"

Available as an eBook or paperback

Taipei, Taiwan


Many kite performances are available. Please contact us to discuss what's best for you.

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